About Us

SUNNYSIDE FLOWERS is a chemical free cut-flower farm in northern York County. Our flowers are available at markets in the region, via a monthly subscription, and for weddings & events. We will provide buckets of flowers for DIY design. Please contact us for details.


CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture”. By purchasing a CSA at the beginning of the season, you are guaranteed a series of bouquets throughout the year. You buy in advance to support your farmer’s endeavors.

At Sunnyside Flowers you’ll pick up your bouquets in one of the following locations:
Hershey Farmer’s Market (Thursdays 2:30-6:30)
Sunnyside Farm (Fridays, 5-7)
Towson High CSA (Sunday, 2-3)
Small Star Art House (1st Fridays, 5-7)
Pike Central Farms Market (Saturdays, 9-2)

Orders for 2017 can be placed now! Interested in a new location for CSA pick-up? We can do that too!

DIY Cut Flower Buckets

Are you a do-it-yourself kind of person? We have seasonal flowers and greenery that you need!

We sell 5-gallon buckets of fresh cut flowers and greens. Flowers are seasonal – we can work with you on colors and variety. Let us help you build your vision!

Weddings & Events

Whether your event is a wedding, a luncheon, a reunion, or any gathering, Sunnyside Flowers will bring all that you need in floral decor!

As farmer florists we have a strong commitment to floral events. We only design one floral event per week. Our focus and concentration on your floral needs assures you the attention and energy to fulfill your vision.

Our team includes a skilled custom builder, who specializes in creative solutions to unique situations. From a standard wreath shape to a decorated structure of your required dimensions, the farmer florist team from Sunnyside Flowers will grow your dream. Schedule today!